Paintings,drawings and jewelry.

Illusion, Acrylic/ Oil/ Collage on canvas, 200 x 100 cm, 2015. 

The work of Jacqueline van der Plaat consists paintings of organic bodies, meditative landscapes and abstracts. Her style is playful and experimenting with different media, adds a certain immediacy to the image. 

How she uses the paint, plays an important role in each piece. Impasto brushstrokes and rhythmic patterns are interspersed with transparent washes of her meditative paintings. 

The influence of her textile studies at the Rietveld Academy is clearly present, the use of patterns and the use of texture on her canvases. 

Her most recent work shows the desire for freedom, her interest in the human body and experimenting with color and media.

Artist statement:

I'm an artist, primarily a painter, creating for me is a condition to be happy.       

It's a way for me to show myself.

As an artist, I work hard develop paintings that speak both to me and to others, about the beauty that exists.

My goals are to develop my technique, continue to explore and experiment with materials, colors and shapes.

What I hope to achieve that the art I make continues to evolve, and that people can enjoy it, like I do.

My technique consists of editing the canvas with collage, paint and structures.

On this prepared canvas I draw sketches of models.

The materials I use are: acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, crayon, and collage of paper and textile.

The layering of the paintings has recently become more and more deeply, the forms that arise spontaneously, by partially painting over, I find an exciting process.

My current issue is ,,women '' might this be a self-reflection?

How do I see myself, who I became, from which layers do I exist, an inside and outside, warm, strong, sweet, bold, charming, uncertain, wise etc.

To express this into the figures, the composition, and the use of color,is a fascinating proces.

Often, this process is a battle, and it takes time, in order to achieve a balance.

Saying goodbye to my paintings I find therefore quite hard, because they are piece of myself.

Jacqueline, Januari 2016.                                                                                                                  


Januari 2007 Solo exhibition, Townhall Mijdrecht Netherlands.

September 2007 Art fair Aalsmeer Netherlands.

November 2008 group exhibition at Agora gallery New York, USA.

September 2008 Art fair Aalsmeer Netherlands.

Februari 2011 Duo Exhibition at LIFE - the Gallery in Farnham England.

Maart 2011 Sunday Market at Westergas fabriek Amsterdam Netherlands

December 2012 Solo exhibition at LIFE - the Gallery Amsterdam Netherlands

29 March till 25 April 2014 Solo Exhibition at LIFE - the Gallery Amsterdam

June 2014, KunstRAI Art Fair Amsterdam with LIFE - the Gallery Amsterdam

February 9 till 14th 2015 The Mall Galleries, London ,, Good Figures’' Exhibition

April 25 till 3rd May 2015 The Downland Jerwood Gridshell, West Sussex, PO18 OEU, Good Figures'' Exhibition.

September 4 till 6th 2015 Art Fair Westeinderplas Aalsmeer The Netherlands.

Januari till April 2016 Kunstfort Vijfhuizen solo exhibition The Netherlands.

September 2016 Art Symposium an der Donau